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90 Day Bible


by Jason Smathers on April 4, 2009

I have recently started a reading program where I will complete the entire Bible in 90 days. I created a LinkedIn group for discussion and accountability. Currently there are three of us doing the reading which we started April 1st. We all met in the #prosapologian chat room. Chris was talking about how he just finished the reading plan and was looking for people to join him for his second reading which got the ball rolling.
Everyone is welcome to join the LinkedIn group and follow along with us. Chris created a Calandar to help us know what day we are on, each day on the calandar has a link to the recording of the book we are on so you can listen to Max McLean read the Bible to you. I am using the online ESV Study Bible and am reading along on the web site and listening at the same time. Listening as I follow along forces me to keep up the pace, otherwise I would get sidetracked researching things along the way and would never keep to the schedule.
Chris has completed today’s reading, but I am doing my reading at night so he is essencially a day ahead of me in our discussion. Today we have been discussing Jacob and polygmy. I have suggested that Jacob only loved one of his wives (Rachel) and I have given credit to the law written on his heart. Jacob did have at least two wives and children with both of his wives’ servants, one of which he is said to have taken as a wife. I took this to mean that he used her like a wife without marrying her, meaning he had only two wives and he was tricked into marrying the first wife (Leah). My interpretation of these events lacks a recent reading of Genesis, which I will do tonight.
Feel free join the LinkedIn group and jump in on the reading and discussion.

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