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Catholics Tie Sacraments To Salvation


by Jason Smathers on April 16, 2009

Today I answered the question “Why do many people remain members of the Catholic church whom live lifestyles contrary to the teachings of the church?” I have posted my answer to this person below.

Your question is a good one and brings several problems to attention.

The primary problem is that people do not want to put themselves under the authority of a church because they are lost and lack saving faith. They deceive themselves and think they can deceive God or they simply do not believe in God or the church’s teachings about God. Many people have been scared by the Catholic’s teachings of being the only way to God and will do anything necessary to receive the sacraments that they tie their salvation to. This is indeed very sad because salvation is by faith in Christ alone, an act of God’s grace that we cannot earn.

The modern Catholic church does not agree with itself. Many bishops have given statements stating many ways to God, while others still believe Jesus is the only way. The number of disagreements between Catholics is great; you can hardly blame the lay members for not understanding.

The Catholic church became apostate a long time ago. The current situation was inevitable when the teachings of men were put above the word of God.

If people put their faith in Christ alone, this situation dissolves. They are saved, leave the apostate Catholic church, and put themselves under the authority of a Bible believing church.

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