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Is MySpace too seedy for ministry?


by Jason Smathers on April 6, 2009

When I design a ministry website, I offer the creation of social networking profiles and create a web between their blog, social media sites and website so that they can evangelize on many fronts. The started set that I have recommended in the past, and my web site still reflects this, is MySpace, Facebook, twitter, and in addition to the blog, podcast and website.

The quantity of filth on MySpace is making me reconsider these recommendations. We can only put ourselves through so much in service to the Lord. I would never go into a gentleman’s club to hand out tracts, so why should we go on MySpace to share the Gospel?

Now I am faced with selecting a replacement or just scaling back the social media ministry. I use LinkedIn personally to connect with professionals and I even have a Bible Study group there. However, I do not think it is the place for any unsolicited evangelism. My philosophy with LinkedIn is having the Bible Study badge on my profile and discussing the bible in a LinkedIn group is a form of evangelism because others will see it and may inquire. Still, it is not a place where bold unsolicited witnessing would be tolerated.

I encourage the use of YouTube, however, not many ministries have the staff to be filming sermons or creating other video material. YouTube is social and makes a great addition to any ministry’s online offering. I also encourage the use of Flickr, people love to see faces. A church can have albums of their events and facilities so that potential visitors can see if they would fit in. A senior citizen does not want to visit a church where there is nobody over 30 in the congregation and the reverse is true. Flickr is a great way to show the world who you are.

I will leave the decision up to the individual ministry. If they want MySpace, then I will do it. I will encourage YouTube and Flickr more than I have in the past.

Thoughts? Is there a must use social networking site that I should push ministries to use that I have neglected?

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