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@SBCVoices twitter mass follow


by Jason Smathers on May 2, 2009

Revealing the tool. I am a Southern Baptist and like to keep up on my Southern Baptist news. keeps me up to date on SBC bloggers and now @SBCVoices keeps me up to date on SBC tweets. Tony Kummer does the vetting for me and follows SBC twitters. I wanted to follow everybody @SBCVoices was following, but I did not want to do it manually so I made this small and simple tool. In just a couple of clicks you can follow everyone that @SBCVoices follows.

This is cool for us twitter geeks, however, I had another motive as well which is even cooler. Consider a tweeting church that follows it’s members. When a church member gets on to twitter, all they would need to do is run this tool to follow everyone in their church. It would be pretty easy to remove the @SBCVoices hard coding and allow the user to type in the user name that they wish to clone the followers from. I like having the two click simplicity, and it will be easy to modify this for another site. Stay tuned for an example integrated into a church website.
Try it out, let me know what you think.

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