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by Jason Smathers on May 11, 2009

You need to understand who God is and who you are as His creation. God created everything out of nothing, as His creation, your purpose is to glorify God. Nothing happens in this world that is not for the glory of God. God is holy, just and righteous. This is great; we do not want a corrupt God any more than we want a corrupt judge in court letting criminals go free.

This is our problem, because all people have sinned, fall short of the glory of God, and deserve the wrath of God as punishment for sin. The whole Gospel is about this problem, if God is a just God, he must send us all to hell because there are none righteous, no not one.

God handled this problem by sending His son Jesus to earth. Jesus, being God Himself became man and continued being both God and man in two distinct natures. While on earth Jesus led a perfect sinless life and earned no wrath. Think of your sins as debts, Jesus came to pay off the debts of those who believe in Him including every sin committed past present and future. All the wrath earned through sinning by those that believe in Him is poured out on Jesus instead of the sinner that deserves it. At the time of judgment, God sees the righteousness of Jesus in those that put their faith in Jesus. They are found blameless and are granted eternal life in the presence of our perfect and holy creator.

Jesus took all this wrath while being here in His creation, culminating on the cross and remaining under the power of death until the third day when he rose from the grave.

This is great news. Repent of your sins now and trust Jesus to save you from the hell you deserve. If you are faithful to trust Jesus to save you, He will. Call out to your God and ask Him to save you. Repent and believe where you are now.

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