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Vacation Bible School & New Christian Children


by Jason Smathers on June 12, 2009

Last night was the last teaching session for this year’s Vacation Bible School. Tonight we have family night. I prepared a packet for the kids with the memory verse lessons, some explanation of the ABCs (Admit, Believe, and Confess), a [more biblical] sinner’s prayer, and if appropriate a place to write the date of their new birth. A PDF of the packet is available if you are using the Lifeway VBS material and want a supplement or if you can use it for anything else.

I took the kids one at a time to discuss salvation with them. Out of 12 first and second grade students, nine showed up yesterday. Here is how my discussions with these kids went:
5 – Understand the gospel and believe it (welcome to the kingdom!)
1 – Understands the gospel, just just isn’t sure it is true
1 – Either does not understand sin or truly believes they are without sin
1 – Was too afraid of me to speak with me, I am quite scary
1 – Just did not want to speak with me
I did explain what real faith looks like to be sure I was not creating false senses of assurance. Pray that God blesses them with perseverance in the faith and pray for those that did not make a profession of faith that they may be blessed with faith and repentance. Also, many of these children do not have Christian parents, pray for the salvation of their parents and for revival to this community.

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