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"No God" is the top trending topic on Twitter


by Jason Smathers on October 20, 2009

Twitter shows a list of trending topics that reveal the most popular phrases being spoken on Twitter at any given moment. This is a good way to see what is on the minds of the masses and is frequently linked to a big news story.

With a twist of irony, the top trending topic is “No God” at the moment. A twitter user using the name RevRunWisdom tweeted “Know God… Know Peace. No God.. No Peace!” which got things started. RevRunWisdom would surely have preferred “Know God” be picked up as the trending topic. Instead “No God” was picked up and the atheists ran with it, tweeting all sorts of blasphemy.
I see a lot of people angry with the trending of No God, however, I suggest Christians take this as a gift. Thousands of atheists are calling out to us: “I do not know God. Help me!”
Take the time to make the introductions!

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