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The Origin Into Schools Project @ UNLV


by Jason Smathers on November 23, 2009

On Thursday, November 19th Delilah and I joined the Las Vegas Outreach Team at UNLV for The Origin Into Schools Project. In only 90 minutes, we distributed 1,000 copies of Darwin’s Origin of Species with a 50 page introduction by Ray Comfort which included the Gospel.
Brother Doug intended to get some video footage, but by the time he was done distributing the books to all the drop off locations, they were gone before he could even get out his video camera. Brother Doug did get a great 5 minute video up on YouTube with some stills shots and a great testimony from Brother David.
Brother David and his wife were both staunch atheists with a pact to never get involved in any religion. Their agreement called for a divorce if one party abandoned atheism. God blessed them both with faith within days of each other. After some time of being afraid of telling the other, they finally shared their faith with each other and were astonished that the other had the same experience. You have to watch the video and hear Brother David tell the story.

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