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The Cross Is…. Twitter contest. Winners.


by Jason Smathers on February 23, 2010

The task was to explain the meaning of the cross in the size of a tweet. The winners will get free copies of Pursuing God by Jim Elliff to use for outreach in their church or personal evangelism. Please join me in praying for them and their efforts. Please also keep Jim Elliff and Christian Communicators Worldwide in your prayers and ask God to continue to use this writing ministry powerfully in reaching the lost and edifying the saints. The prizes are complements of CCW and Jim Elliff, you can find them both on Twitter: @JimElliff and @CCWToday.

Here are the three best tweets, according to popular vote:
1st place
David Catoe
“The cross is Grace unearned… Justice served… Wrath turned… Ransom delivered… Sin conquered… Eternal life assured… God glorified”
David Catoe is Pastor of Fresh Spring Baptist Church, you can also find him on Twitter.
2nd place
Jerry Cain
“The cross is my ride home”
You can find Jerry Cain on Twitter, he is also starting a new blog at
3rd place
Trevor Marsteller
“The cross is where God put the punishment we deserve on Jesus, the perfect sacrifice, so that sins might be atoned for.Rom 3:23-26”
You can find Trevor Marsteller blogging at Arguing with Angels and on Twitter.

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