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Ergun Caner’s Secret Biography


by Jason Smathers on March 30, 2010

[Update: documentation shows that Ergun Caner moved to Ohio when he was two years old]
  • On April, 1 1966 Acar Mehmet Caner and Monica Inez Caner (aka Monica Inez Hunt) were married in Stockholm, Sweden (source: separation agreement). Interesting note, in Unveiling Islam an acknowledgment is given to: “Jim and Monica Hunt, who have walked with us throughout our spiritual lives.”
  • In November of 1966 Ergun Michael* Caner was born in Sweden. *On legal documents, such as Ergun’s Concealed Weapons Permit, his middle name is in the English rendering Michael. It seems he uses the Islamic rendering Mehmet only when selling books.
  • Ergun moved with his family to the United States before his fourth birthday. Ergun’s younger brother Emir was born in Ohio in August of 1970.
  • Ergun’s parents buy a house in Columbus, Ohio on July 19, 1974 (source: Assessment list for 1296 Gertrude).
  • Ergun’s mother, Monica, buys a house in Gahanna, Ohio on September 20, 1977 (source: Assessment list for 568 Deerwood).
  • Ergun’s parents filed for divorce for the first time in July of 1975 when Ergun was only 8 years old. At this time, custody of Ergun and his brothers was granted to their mother, Monica (source: divorce decree).
  • As part of a separation agreement entered into on April 14, 1978, the boys were to be raised in the Islamic faith (source: separation agreement). The same agreement prohibits travel outside of the Continental borders of the United States of America, a term that remained in effect the rest of the time that the Caner boys were minors.
  • Monica promptly fought against this provision by making a motion to the court on June 8, 1978. The court revised the earlier agreement, allowing for religious training through each parent according to each parent’s desires during the time of their custody (source: Appeals court decision).
  • Ergun’s father, Acar, then had five weeks per year and every other weekend to train Ergun and his brothers in the Islamic faith. The rest of the time, Ergun and his brothers were in the custody of their mother, Monica (source: separation agreement). This custody arrangement was never modified.
  • Monica continued to fight Acar on the religious training issue. On February 6, 1979 The Franklin County Court of Appeals considered the case again. One of the judges believed that Monica should be given the right to “establish the religion of the minor children” but the court did not overturn the previous decision (source: Appeals court decision).
According to Ergun’s testimony, he was a devout Muslim until the day he was saved in 1982. Ergun has also made public comments about living in “majority Muslim” nations.
Ergun, can you please help us understand your testimony? I would love to hear how you were a devout Muslim in the custody of your Swedish mother who fought in court against your father on your religious upbringing.
Ergun, from this information it seems that you were born in Sweden, moved to the United States before you were four and have lived here ever since. Can you shed some light on your public comments about living in majority Muslim nations?
*Note: Error has been corrected. In July of 75, Ergun was 8 years old. Previously published version said Ergun was 7 years old.

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