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Ergun Caner, you moved to Ohio when you were 2 years old.


by Jason Smathers on April 26, 2010

Today Focus on The Family aired Ergun Caner’s testimony titled “From Jihad to Jesus.” Ergun makes the following claims:

“I spent the first 17 years of my life assuming you as Christians hated me … Coming to America, I lived under the misconception that you hated me as a Muslim.”
Ergun, I do not believe you had any misconceptions about Americans at age two. If you did, I do not think you can remember them.
You said you were “born in Sweden, raised in Turkey.” Can you clarify this? Is it a complete lie, or did you perhaps live in Turkey between the time you were born in Sweden and the time you moved to Ohio at age two?
You then say that you came to America in 1978. We know this is a complete lie.
You tell a story about coming through Brooklyn, New York. Again, this is either a complete lie, or a huge embellishment of something you did between the time you were born in Sweden and the time you moved to Ohio at age two. You claim to have learned English in Brooklyn. Can you explain that one for me because I am having trouble coming up with your plausible explanation. Maybe you said your first English word in the airport?
You speak about being part of the Islamic Jihad in today’s broadcast. In other places you are described as a hardened terrorist. You said that you were “trained to that which was done on 11 September.” Did you report this to the authorities some time after you were converted? I suspect that you made this up, but if it is true, maybe you had information that could have prevented 9/11.
I see that your dad left you a single copy of the Qur’an and nothing else in his will (Source: Acar Caner’s will). This makes for a good story and part of your true testimony. Why is this story rarely [if ever] told, but you share many products of your imagination instead?

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