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Seeds Family Worship, a review


by Jason Smathers on April 9, 2010

Seeds Family Worship takes scripture and puts it to contemporary music. It has me tapping my foot and it has Delilah running around and dancing. We have The Baptist Catechism set to music, and it has proven the concept quite well. Often I find myself singing a bit of the catechism in my head before answering a question. Although we have not listened to the same Seeds Family Worship CD several times yet, I suspect the same thing will happen with the scriptures once we do. Delilah has already reminded me not be anxious after listening to the song on Philippians 4:6-7. I can think of no better way to hide God’s word in my family’s hearts.

These CDs are appropriate for all ages. Designed with children in mind, but appealing to adults just the same. Be sure to check out all the complementing materials on the seeds website. You can download a verse memorization checklist and flashcards, read ideas for family worship, and download chord charts to use the material in worship services.
Seeds Family Worship was born out of a simple request to put a couple scriptures to music before Vacation Bible School five years ago. I’d happily replace some of the Lifeway music with scripture songs in my VBS class. I compared this year’s key verses from the Lifeway VBS content with the Seeds Family Worship track lists, unfortunately Seeds hasn’t produced any of the verses in this year’s Lifeway VBS curriculum. If they had, you could count on me playing it for the kids. Hint to the Seeds team, produce an album next year containing the Lifeway VBS key verses.
When you buy a Seeds Family Worship CD, they give you a second copy for free to give away. This is a great idea, I always want to share things like this but with limited resources you cannot always buy a copy for a friend. A pair of CDs sell for $12.98.
You can find samples of Seeds Family Worship put to video on YouTube and on their website. The DVD allows you to “Play the full version of the track and simply sing along. Or use one of our click track, instrumental or easySLIDES versions to stay synchronized with the on-screen visuals while leading worship through music.” At $49.99 The DVD is a bit pricey for home use, however, each video is available free on their website and I suspect that is sufficient for home worship. The Seeds Family Worship material is geared for children, but I enjoy the music myself and see no reason why the material could not be part of the worship service. For that use, the DVD is a good value. We have paid far more than that for the license to show a movie in our church building.
Here is one of the songs put to video that I found on YouTube, it was created by a former Seeds intern and not part of the DVD set. You can view all the songs on the DVD at the Worshiphouse Kids website. Be sure to check out the Seeds YouTube channel too.

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