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ESV Cambridge Pitt Minion Reference Brown Goatskin Black Letter Bible, a review


by Jason Smathers on June 11, 2010

This is a typical piece of artwork in Bible creation that we expect from Cambridge. The compact size of this Bible makes it perfect to carry around and it has become the Bible most likely to leave the house with me.

I selected the black letter version to avoid the error of exalting the words of Christ over the other words of God.
This Bible is printed on India paper with art-gilded (red under gold) edges and it has a single ribbon. It lays well to read on the table and it holds well in your hand as well. The Lord has blessed me with good eye sight, but you want to think twice if you are impaired in that area. The pages measure 6.85 inches by 4.72 inches, printed with a 6 3/4 font. The leather is a brown goatskin and the board is a bit stiff in comparison with Cambridge’s Concord goatskin Bibles.
There is quite a difference between the Concord goatskin and this Pitt Minion. You can see the wavy top in the spine picture, and in this close up of the closed Bible, you can see that it does not lay flat. The Bible was stiff when it was new, then I misplaced it only to find it a month later in the trunk of my car during 114 degree weather. When it came out of the trunk, it felt a bit dry and stiff, although most (if not all) of that stiffness existed when it was new. Watch the blog for a test application of Leather Saver by Preservation Solutions to see if we can take care of the dryness or stiffness.
When I compare the Pitt Minion to my Cambridge Wide Margin Reference Bible in black goatskin (pictured to the left), the wide margin version is much softer and lays very flat.
With the exception that I expected a softer cover, being partial to the wide margin version of Cambridge’s goatskin Bibles, the Pitt Minion ESV is an exceptional piece of artwork that will surely be my primary out of the house Bible for some time to come.

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