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Police officer finds Gospel offensive, arrests preacher


by Jason Smathers on July 29, 2010

On July 10th, 2010, Greg, a street preacher was arrested for proclaiming the Gospel at the Heritage Festival in Easton, PA. The police officer plainly states he is asking the preacher to quit because the message is offensive. This is exactly what the constitution prohibits. This preacher was clearly stopped not because he was preaching, but because he was preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. After a long dialog with the police officer, the preacher said he was going to start preaching again and the officer said if he offends one more person he will be arrested. The officer must have been offended because there wasn’t time for anyone else to complain. The preacher got up and proclaimed that sin earns the wrath of God and is punished in the Lake of Fire, then he was promptly arrested. Watch the situation unfold on YouTube embedded below and stay tuned for follow up on this case.

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