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Required Church Attendance as Disciplinary Action for Bullhead Cop


by Jason Smathers on July 28, 2010

Police Chief Rod Head, of Bullhead City, Arizona, says it never happened. However, the Disciplinary Action Report obtained by Witnesses Unto Me contains documents which contain officer statements that indicate otherwise.

One statement claims: “Gillman said Tiffany told him that Sessions was complaining to Newman about being the subject of a limited investigation. As a result of that investigation Sessions was forced to buy two books and go to church.”

Another statement claims: “Sgt. Sessions told Mike Newman that he was ordered to go to church and had to buy two books to read as part of his discipline regarding the limited I.A.”

It is unclear which police officer(s) under his command Chief Head is calling a liar.
Sessions illegally placed a tracking device on a car without a warrant. However, he was ordered to do so and obtained incorrect legal advice telling him to proceed which mitigated Session’s responsibility. Sessions later attended a constitutional law class. The official sanction in the Internal Affairs file is “counseling by the Division Commander.”
Chief Head would not directly respond to questions as to which church Sessions was required to attend or how that church was selected. Instead, he insisted Sessions was never ordered to attend church.
An anonymous source close to the situation in the Bullhead City Police Department confirmed that Sessions was indeed ordered to attend church. The source explained Chief Head’s comments by saying “[Police Chief] Rod will say whatever benefits him, and whatever he believes will not put him in a bad situation as it pertains to the public.”

Warrantless GPS Tracking of suspect car – Officer disciplined with mandatory church attendance.

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