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Acts 17 [mostly] Vindicated in Court.


by Jason Smathers on September 25, 2010

Roger Williams showed up in Dearborn Michigan to testify against Acts 17 even though video evidence plainly showed him to have filed a false police report.  Surprisingly, the judge didn’t order Williams’ arrest in the court room or censure the prosecutor for using him as a witness.  The judge did however acquit all four of the Acts 17 group for the charge of Breach of Peace today, September 24, 2010.  The verdict comes following a week long trial, concluded with a friendly judge affirming that Acts 17 is welcome in Dearborn.  The judge’s sentiment wasn’t felt by the members of Acts 17 while being arrested on false charges after traveling to Dearborn during the Arab festival.  Negeen Mayel’s charge of Failure to Obey a Police Officer stuck.  This extra charge for Negeen comes from her reluctance to quit videotaping when asked by the police.  Negeen’s right to video tape the police in a public location will be brought up in an appeal.

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