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The Ideology of The Enemy in Iraq, as shown in WikiLeaks released ‘Iraq War Logs’


by Jason Smathers on October 24, 2010

On Friday, October 22, 2010, WikiLeaks released 391,832 reports known together as ‘The Iraq War Logs.’  Unlike the Afgan War Log previously released by WikiLeaks, this release is heavily redacted.  A search of the war logs for “Allah” or “Muhammad” brings back a conspicuous 0 search results.  The lack of results to a search for “Allah” can be explained by the possible translation of “Allah” into “God.”  However, reading through the redacted documents, there are many places where it seems the word Allah belongs, but instead appeals the blank line indicating a redaction.  For example, WikiLeaks’ redacted document leaves us with this statement: “THERE IS NO GOD BUT ___ AND ___ PROPHET.”  Anyone with a rudimentary knowledge of Islam knows the Islamic creed “There is no god but Allah and Muhammad is his prophet.”

The minimally redacted Afgan War Diary gave us a glimpse into the mind of radical Islam. It seems every number, every location, and every name has been redacted from The Iraq War Logs.  They are a bit difficult to read this way, but collectively they do paint a picture of our enemy in Iraq and what their motivation is.

Below are some entries that paint this picture:

April 21, 2004.  During battle, music from the mosque with lyrics: “god is good, god is great, and holy warriors come out to fight.”  The mosque was ordering people to fight. source.

June 4, 2004. Combat patrol found graffiti asking soldiers to “surrender to nearest mosque.” source.

August 13, 2004. A mosque calls for people to prepare for a holy war.  A crowd gathers at the mosque with rocket propelled grenades.  US attempts to peacefully disperse crowd, but before long 2000 have gathered.  The event ends with 10 killed and 3 captured. source.

November 12, 2004. The preaching at a mosque tells people to “rise up and kill coalition forces.” source.

September 25, 2005. Graffiti found which starts off “god bless those who kill…” source.

January 9, 2006. A group blocked traffic in all directions and surrounded a vehicle.  They pull someone out, put them on the ground with hands bound, yell “god is great, god is good,” then cut the person’s head off with a knife. source.

May 7, 2006. A local national was being pursued and hid in a woman’s house.  He was found and shot dead. The attackers left the scene shouting “god is great” while firing small arms in the air. source.

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