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A short history lesson for Secretary of Defense, Robert Gates


by Jason Smathers on December 1, 2010

Gates yanked Franklin Graham’s invitation to National Day of Prayer at the pentagon this year.  Daring to believe nobody gets to the Father except by Jesus is insulting to the many religions of the world and earned Graham his dis-invitation.  In letters recently obtained by Witnesses Unto Me, Robert Gates explains to congressmen Trent Franks and Bob Inglis that: “Since its first proclamation, the National Day of Prayer has become a unifying event for Americans who practice the many religions of the world.”


Proclamation for a day of Fasting and Prayer, In Continental Congress, Monday June 12, 1775 states:
“it is recommended to Christians of all denominations, to assemble for publick worship, and to abstain from servile labour and recreation on said day.” (emphasis added)

America’s founders said: Christians of all denominations; Secretary Gates heard: the many religions of the world.

Secretary of Defense Robert Gates Explains Granklin Graham Issue to Congressmen

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