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Administration for Children & Families: Please Join 2011


by Jason Smathers on June 11, 2011

The US Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families initially refused to release a report which put abstinence education in a positive light. After an uproar in the blogosphere erupted, they decided to release the report. In response to the situation, Witnesses Unto Me requested records as to why they withheld the report in the first place and how they changed their mind. Witnesses Unto Me submitted a FOIA request for this information on August 20, 2010. Today, June 11, 2011, about a ream and half of paper showed up in response to this request. Wrapped up in a torn enormous manila envelope with $27.55 in postage attached contains about 700 pages. Flipping through the records, they all seem to be computer print outs. Next time, save $27.55 in postage and a tree by emailing the record.

Due to inadequate scanning equipment at Witnesses Unto Me headquarters, we are not yet sure when or if these records will be available online. However, readers can expect an upcoming story on their contents.

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