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Put Logos In Your Will


by Jason Smathers on November 30, 2011

Many seminary students, staff, and faculty benefit from Logo’s academic pricing. Many pastors got their first package when they were in seminary at these discount rates. As you build up a large electronic library, you may start to wonder if you can pass it on like generations before us have passed on their paper libraries. When you invest hundreds or more likely thousands of dollars in a library, it seems it should not disappear at your death. Unfortunately, Logos has a policy which prevents the transfer of titles obtained via the academic program. You are not allowed to give them as a gift, you cannot sell them, nor can you leave them to your kids.

There is one exception to this policy. Specifically put your Logos library in your will and what should happen to it when you go on to be with the Lord. Logos will honor this transfer request for a $20 fee, even if you took advantage of academic pricing.

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