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Quranic Studies in 7th Grade Public School


by Jason Smathers on November 28, 2013

Arabic HomeworkSeventh graders at Needles Middle School in Needles, California are learning some Arabic. According to the lesson plan, the teacher displayed Arabic words around the classroom with the English translations. The students were required to copy the Arabic words and the English translations onto a worksheet. Finally, the students were given a translation assignment.

Here is the correct translation to the homework assignment:

The Arabic language is highly respected by Muslims around the world because it is the language in which God has revealed His message to Muhammad. The Quraan is translated from Arabic into many languages. Muslims, however, do not consider the translations to be the Quraan itself because the original style and meaning always get slightly changes in the translations. Muslims are encouraged to learn Arabic so that they can fully value the beauty and meaning of the Quraan. When the religion of Islam spread beyond the Arab Peninsula and across many civilizations after the 7th century, Arabic was widely used by Muslims and non-Muslims alike, as it became the language of scholarship and learning.

The assignment:

Quranic Studies in 7th Grade Public School

This document was obtained from:
Needles Unified School District
NUSD Superintendent:
Dr. Mary McNeil
1900 Erin Drive
Needles, CA 92363

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